The Ty Cobb & Tris Speaker Baseball Betting Scandal

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Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker were two talented and revered baseball figures of the
early 20th century. When their reputations were called into question by former
pitcher Dutch Leonard it was the stuff of nationwide sports headlines in the
United States. According to Leonard the two men along with himself and former
pitcher-coach Smoky Joe Wood took part in fixing a game toward the end of
1919. The scandal broke in the summer of 1926 some seven years later. Leonard
possessed letters that were written to him by his former Tigers’ manager Ty
Cobb. My book considers many different angles of the case. Was Leonard sore
because Cobb sent him back to the Pacific Coast League midway through the 1925
baseball season? Or was it something else that motivated him to make the
correspondence public? I have written my e-book utilizing numerous sources,
many of them from 1926 and 1927.


Author: Robert Grey Reynolds Jr.


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