Sports Scandals (Scandals in American History)

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Cheaters, gamblers, drugs, and violence. Sound like the latest
action/adventure film? It is most likely playing in a stadium, ice rink, track
field, basketball court, or ballpark near you. We’re talking about the
larger-than-life scandals that often surround and sometimes engulf the world
of sports. Covering everything from the little leagues to college and
professional sports, this indespensable book offers students an intriguing,
readable guide to the most notorious scandals in American sports history.

Each chapter focuses on a specific category of scandal, including race-
related, gender-related, drug-related, violence-related, recruiting and
academic-related, and coaching scandals. Insightful, in-depth entries offer
and overview of the historical and cultural context, what occurred and who was
involved, as well as the response to the scandal. Entries within chapters
clearly outline the diversity of viewpoints surrounding the scandal as well as
the associated ethical, moral, and legal issues. Highlighting why sport
scandals matter to athletes, to coaches, to teams, to organizations, to the
media, and to the public, this volume is an ideal resource for both ready
reference and for reading cover-to-cover.


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